Sikkim Manipal University

The University was established in accordance with the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences Act, 1995 (Act No. 9 of 1995); with the aim of imparting exemplary educational opportunities and healthcare services in the State of Sikkim and country wide. It is the first of its kind in the country with a collaboration of private and public sector.

Sikkim Manipal University was born to with the basic objective of strengthening the close link of education to skill development and the making the youth of Sikkim educated, skilled and employable, giving them the capacity to harness diverse opportunities both within and outside Sikkim. This will also create more job opportunities for our youth, thus solving the growing unemployment in the State.

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smuerp v5 is a system which is based on a common database and a modular software design. The common database will allow every department of a business to store and retrieve information in real-time.

Thorough attempts are being made by the Information System team to make this ERP package more comprehensive and efficient through continuous and rigorous development. Some of the modules are:

  1. Patient care (CRH): The ERP application offers facility for feeding in Inpatient/Outpatient registration, re-registration, and admission details. System also maintains various patients’ reports. The ERP application facilitates easy retrieval of all the information that it gathers. Dashboards shall be developed to enable quicker management decisions, so that organizational changes can be accommodated faster. The system has a billing module for various investigations that are carried out in the hospital.
  2. Facility Management (SMIMS): The ERP application includes an Inventory Control module which maintains inventory status for Pharmacy and General Store. This module assists in better inventory management by providing accurate inventory data which helps in making correct purchase decisions. From the data provided by this module, consumption forecasts can be made which reduces under-stocking and over-stocking problems and helps in maintaining optimum inventory level.
  3. Document Digitalization: The ERP application deploys the advantage that a digital document has over the papers. All In-patients related scanned documents are digitalized through OmniScan and stored in OmniDocs server. All these documents are available for further referral via SMUERP v5 application. The ease in maintaining and retrieving these digital documents is very high.

Medical Education

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS), located at Tadong, is a constituent college of the Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). SMIMS together with SMCON & SMCOP offers MBBS, BSc. Nursing and Physiotherapy courses, besides M.Sc Programs in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy. The Central Referral Hospital and STNM Hospital in Gangtok offer clinical training opportunities to students.


Healthcare Services

Central Referral Hospital is one of the premier hospital in the region of North East India. The Medical infrastructure at CRH is among the best in this country. Patients here are provided with facilities that the best hospitals in our country can offer. In addition to excellent infrastructure, the medical equipments and technologies are genuinely of a piece with modern trends.


Engineering & Technology

The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology was established in 1997 as a constituent college of Sikkim Manipal University and is approved by UGC and AICTE. SMIT has ISO 9001 accreditation vide NS-EN ISO 9001:2000. The engineering college has its own campus at Majitar, Rangpo East Sikkim. The institute located on the banks of river Teesta, surrounded by green hills, adds to the vibrancy of the campus and makes it an ideal place for learning.