Topic of the meeting: USAGE OF SMUERP

Date of the meeting: 12th May, 09

Members attended:

1.       Prof.(Dr.)R.N.Salhan(Dean)

2.       Controller of Examination

3.       DMS-CRH

4.        HOD-SMIMS& CRH

5.       Head- Engineering and Projects

6.       Principal- College of Nursing

7.       HOD –College of Physiotherapy

8.       Head- H.R. & Operations

9.       System Analyst

10.   Staff of Human Resource Department

11.   Staff of IT Department


Agenda of the Meeting:

1.       Issues with regards to  login/ logout through SMUERP

2.       Introduction to Online Performance Appraisal system

3.       Introduction to Online Manpower Requisition.

4.       Others issues with regards to usage of SMUERP.

1. Issues with regards to login/ logout through SMUERP

·         Sharing of password for marking attendance

·         Marking attendance without being physically present in the department.

·         Discrepancy with regards to the usage of On Duty Application.

·         Lack of user interactions with regards to the launch of SMUERP.

·         Issues with regards to the process of cross checking of attendance by H.R.


Suggested changes

·         SMUERP system will parallel run with departmental register.

·         The new login/logout model in SMUERP was suggested which will enable faculties to mark their attendance only through their HOD’s user id and password.

·         The attendance sheet should be submitted online by 9:30 A.M.

·         A copy of the summary sheet of the leaves approved by the HOI/Dean will automatically go to DMS for reference.



2. Introduction to Online Performance Appraisal system

·         The present format of appraisal for both Teaching and Non teaching staffs was not alternated but automated on SMUERP.

·         The process flow of initiation, processing and approval of appraisal remains unchanged.

·         The parameters of appraisal will be reviewed in the next meeting.


3. Introduction to Online Manpower Requisition.

·         Manpower requisition can be done through SMUERP.

·         For all new /replacement, requisition for non-teaching staff as per the MCI guidelines can be processed through SMUERP..

·         All the requisition placed will go to HOI for approval and then HR will carry out the recruitment.