• Develop professionals of excellent technical calibre in the field of Health Sciences, Engineering, Management and Social Sciences with a humane approach capable of shouldering the responsibility of building a nation and be globally competent.
  • Global Leadership in Human Development, Excellence in Education and Healthcare.
  • To support, promote and undertake the advancement of academics
  • To promote use of ICT and modern education technologies
  • To encourage research, creation and dissemination of knowledge
  • To facilitate extension and community service
  • To empower people of Sikkim and contribute to human development in Northeast
  • To create environmental and social responsibilities among students and employees
  • To ensure steady growth of the University
  • Integrity and Honesty We conduct ourselves ethically and legally in all situations upholding stakeholder trust.
  • Committed to Teams, Accountable for Results and Passion to Win We are passionate about winning and hold ourselves accountable to organisational goals. We believe in teamwork and foster a performance driven culture across the organisation.
  • Achieving Social Impact We fulfil our responsibility to society, continuously contributing to build a better world.
  • Respect and Fairness We trust every individual and treat them with dignity, respect and fairness. We practice open and honest communication at all times.
  • Excellence through Quality, Innovation and Leadership We are committed to delivering superior programs and academic services through continuous innovation and leadership at all levels.

In Sikkim Manipal University the recent initiatives taken for the smooth operation of the organization are -

  • Sikkim Manipal University is launching the SDI with effect from this year, to enable students from North East states and Sikkim pursue qualifications in skill deficit areas in Health, Management and IT industry. It is proposed that SDI in the pilot phase will witness the introduction of new courses such as, D.Pharm., BBA, Diploma in Medical Transcription, Bachelor in Medical Records Sciences, Bachelor in Health Systems Management, Masters Degree in Hospital Management, Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology, Diploma in Medical Radiological Technology (Technician Course).

  • Management interventions for ensuring continuous improvement of the operation of DDE. The initiatives includes:
    Issue Tracking,
    Activity logging and performance monitoring and
    Learning and curriculum development.

  • The campus is self sufficient and fully residential with separate hostels for boys and girls. and provides excellent accommodation to all the students. Recreation rooms with TVs, telephone facilities and separate gymnasiums for boys and girls and sports facilities are available. The entire campus is now a part of the Global communication village by its recent induction of WiFi network connections. The campus-internet is being upgraded from 2 Mbps leased line to 8 Mbps Broad band line. The Institute has well equipped dispensary and a resident doctor with supporting staff. Those needing specialized treatment are sent to Central Referral Hospital at Gangtok in an ambulance available round clock.

  • In SMU faculty and students are given great consideration and the quality of teaching and skills are developed and emphasized through Quiz Competition, Poster presentation, Group discussion, Role playing, Case studies, Audio visual aids, Video clippings, Animation, Hands on training with the help of mannequin, Training for assessment, Workshops, and Problem Based Learning.

  • The University is in the process to completion of a Regional Clinical Skills and Training Center (RCSTC) at level V, CRH building which would take regular training programmes of upgradation clinical skills of MBBS and Nursing students. The students would also be exposed to the OSCE/OSPE method and assessment. Internal marks for assessment using OSCE/OSPE as appropriate can also be consider motivate and sustain interent in students for training with Dean. SMIMS.